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Our users had some nice things to say

It’s time, journalists write without imposing their own bias and influence on readers. Thanks for this. 😊
- Rima McDonald
Comment on our Women Founders Community post, Facebook
“Hey, I downloaded Volv (love it! Btw) but the most interesting thing happened - my 13 year old daughter LOVED it. She thinks its awesome how easy it is to not only get through the articles, but easy to understand also. I’m not sure if you’ve considered teenagers as your target market but though you would like to know as she’s telling all her friends about it. ❤❤
- Megan Hayward
Facebook message
“All of my friends who tried the app have said nothing but compliments about the app! They absolutely love the overall simple design of the app which in terms ensured the ease of use.”
- Wallis Lien
USC Student
“I’m a huge fan of Volv! I passed by it when I volunteered at Demo Day and my mobile app design professor brought it up in class. Your app is beautifully designed and extremely relevant.”
- Joelle Ferguson
USC Student, LinkedIn Message
“Finally a real news app! I was looking for a news app like this. Just downloaded it and looks really nice. Clean fluid and well put together interface. I got rid of all my news apps because of the clutter in the app and the one sided news or lack of real news. Thanks for making a great simple way of getting real news real simple. Well done.”
- Flyers57
Appstore comment
I rarely leave a rating but as a fellow App Developer this deserves 5 stars.
- Brittanio
PLaystore comment

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