Our Story

As friends we go way back, we mean way back to high school. And as co-founders, this is our second venture together.

It all started with a vision to make a positive impact at Benefactory, our social startup. We’re proud to have worked on a platform that engaged brands and their customers to donate during urgent crises. But one particular campaign sparked all the momentum we needed to start thinking about Volv - The Migrant Crisis. The narrative in the news was so skewed that it became a political issue, to the extent that charities and brands didn’t want to raise donations for the cause. It wasn’t deemed the humanitarian crisis that it really was.

We decided to cold email celebs whose words directly reached millions of people. Luckily, Kerry Washington, Prabal Gurung, and Ilana Glazer partnered with us and the conversation changed.

That’s when two things struck us, relying on influential personalities shouldn’t be the status quo. And mainstream media didn’t adapt to our generation. We needed a better way for our attention-deficit generation to get informed about matters relevant to us and in a format that we’re used to.

Now, we’re building the future of media where we’ve designed a product just for you.

- Shannon & Priyanka