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Growth Hacker

Looking for a growth hacker who can brainstorm and execute out-of-the-box experiments to target, and deliver marketing campaigns to drive organic growth.

Experience: 2-3 years
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  • Lead the creative development and copy writing for social media campaigns and ads across all channels
  • Manage paid customer acquisition across multiple media channels (primarily Facebook and Google) with a focus on optimizing ROAS and reducing CAC
  • Use metrics and analytics to measure the success of all marketing campaigns and report upon both successes and failures
  • Improve SEO and ASO to drive organic traffic to our website and app
  • Explore and implement referral marketing strategies to create viral growth
  • Rigorous A/B testing to prioritize growth channels

Skills required

  • Must have Digital Marketing experience:
    - Content and email marketing
    - Affiliate and social media marketing
    - Referral marketing
    - Conversion and SEO
    - Paid marketing
    - Retargeting
  • Excellent writing and creative content skills
  • Advanced knowledge of data analysis/Google Analytics
  • Self-starter with a startup mindset able to get results without hands on guidance
  • Growth experience in startups is highly preferred